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Enter the Dark 2011

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Plot summary

Takes you into the dark recesses of a haunted house and the even darker fathoms of the human soul.
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In Todd Miro's Enter the Dark, two friends investigate occurrences in a house that one believes may be haunted.nnSound simple? Well, it is. And to his credit, Todd Miro doesn't try to overstuff this wonderfully moody short film (approximately 17 minutes) with anything more than two believable characters (played astutely by Rob Sandusky and Charles Yoakum).nnEnter the Dark sets up with both characters using cameras to try and capture the ghostly presence. Their quarter of an hour pursuit will lead them to a child's room and a possible supernatural experience with an electronic book and eventually towards the cellar where the film climaxes in a heart pounding moment.nnWriting a lengthy review on a short film takes away from any true experiencing of the few chapters that the filmmakers were able to string together. So we will concede to your viewing pleasure any further plot details or character revelations.nnWhat we will comment upon is the fast and smart script that has our two characters conversing in plausible exchanges under flashlight illuminated settings. We cannot tell if the dialogue between the two was scripted or improvised, but the tête-à-tête between both leads allows you to get involved with two characters that should be relatable to the target audience demographic.nnThe final scenes in Enter the Dark are clever and well put together. I will admit to being in the right frame of mind while screening Enter the Dark and having a small jump during the pivotal attic expedition. I would expect most audiences to also be so engrossed for the scare to be similarly effective.nnWe can't either overly praise or critique a film of such short length. But we can inform. And we are glad to report that Enter the Dark is one of those short cool films that is efficiently produced and directed, well written and acted and a damn good use of a spare 17 minutes.
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