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Reincarnated 2012

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Evolution as an artist is often times what separates legends from the more mundane. After being heavily influenced by his experience in Jamaica – and his subsequent name change from Snoop Dogg to Snoop Lion – the LBC showman prepares his latest reggae-infused album Reincarnated. As part of the process, VICE followed Snoop to the island nation as he recorded various songs with backing from Diplo, Ariel Reichtshaid and Dre Skull of Major Lazer. Having grown tired of what rap provided him, the documentary reveals the rebirth and inspiration for his latest project.
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Plot summary

Hip Hop legend Snoop Dogg teamed up with VICE on a spiritual journey to Jamaica to reflect on his past career, including his failures, loves, regrets and losses. With this journey, Snoop intends to reincarnate himself as a Pop Reggae artist by immersing himself in Rastafari, exploring musical and religious histories deeply rooted in Jamaica. His pilgrimage begins with a jaunt to a mountain-side ganja farm run by Rastas, revealing the underbelly of the Jamaican drug market. Snoop then heads down to the troubled areas of Trenchtown and Tivoli Gardens; revealing a neglected ghetto population and rampant police brutality following the exile of drug lord Chris "Coke" Dudus. Snoop also stops by the famous Alpha Boys School for an impromptu jam session. A school which has seen countless Reggae musicians pass through its youth orchestra. Snoop allows unprecedented access to his inner-workings as he makes his new album with Diplo and Angela Hunte, author of the smash hit song Empire State Of ...
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I saw this movie as a press-screening in Amsterdam, loved it. Take this movie / documentary with a little grain of salt and you will like it. It helps when you are into hiphop or familiar with Snoop's work. It takes you from Snoop Dogg to Snoop Lion in a mostly funny but sometimes even very serious way. Combine this with fat beats, nice studio sessions and you got a nice documentary.nnBe prepared for a lot of weed smoking scene's, with Daz as a funny sidekick who does really nothing in the end. You will get to hear some of the reasons behind some of the album tracks. In the end it's nothing earth-shaking but great for the fans.
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