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Shameless 2012

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In an incendiary story of love, desire, and betrayal between siblings, the rebellious young Tadek returns to sister Anka’s home in search of solace and affection. Bound together by a painful shared family history, brother and sister must find a way to break free in order to survive. This formidable debut fearlessly yet tenderly explores one of society’s last taboos.
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Plot summary

After returning home, Tadek discovers Anna has had an affair with a married man.
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No one is perfect... It shows people as they are,and this film is not propaganda incest. on the contrary, it shows how bad it is and hard, and what consequences this may entail... not without purpose the whole atmosphere of the film is riddled with dark gray paint, greyness, gloominess and some despair as i said in the summary its a weirdest movie and the bloodiest concept, a boy comes to his town to live with his step sister but things got weird when we get to know that he loved her from her child hood time she tried to explain him but he behaves in childhood way , they showed it in the film in a realistic way even though its Polish movie every one can relate it to some extend
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